Documents archive storage

Casaforte offers you document archive storage in Basel, Lugano and Bedano

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  • Organised and clean archives to guarantee protection of your documents
  • Receipt of documentation and placing in storage boxes
  • Service suited to private citizens, professionals and companies

This service is good for privates, professionals and small or medium companies looking for space to securely store their phisical or digital archive. The day will come when the company archive is going to be too big, and you'll end up with documents all over the office. At Casaforte, documents archive storage represents a discreet, safe and convenient solution especially since we have long term discounts.

Many of our clients are lawyers, doctors, associations and companies, as well as art collectors, antique dealers and museums.


Why storing your documents at Casaforte?

  • Office files or law firm documents easily accessable in the centre of Basel and Lugano
  • Short and long term document storage during local or international relocation, renovations and office conversions. Avoid loosing important documents in the mess
  • Valuable tools and materials which should be safely stored away


Safe and clean archiving

There are two ways of archiving: everything stored in boxes, placed on a pallet and wrapped in plastic (passive archive), or easily reachable on shelves (active archive). The advantage, in both cases, is that if you need to access your documents, you can come and do it at no additional costs.

If you need to have your documents destroyed at the end of the storage period, we can organise that too.


Safe storage, best price

For an archive storage quote, contact us now - Casaforte will solve your space problems in Basel, Lugano and Bedano.

We're also available as archiving storage centre for companies located in nearby Cantons such as Zurich, Bern, Aarau and Alto Ticino (Bellinzona and Locarno) who don't need to access their documents storage regularly.


For your archive storage we guarantee

  • Discretion: you're the only one having access
  • Indepencency: free access whenever you need to
  • Flexibility: you choose the size and the contract duration based on your needs
  • Clean and safe environment: we keep the facility clean and have CCTV cameras

For an archiving quote, call us now - Casaforte solves your space problems in Basel, Lugano and Bedano.

Convenient archive storage - ideal for documents and files


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