Wine in Zurich, Basel and Lugano without a wine cellar: in a storage unit at Casaforte

As a wine lover a wine cellar is a must. Not true. Your wine is perfectly fine at Casaforte

Wine in Zurich Basel and Lugano without a wine cellar in a storage unit at Casaforte - Casaforte

More and more people are discovering the world of wine and the joy that good wine can bring. For those who can call a large wine cellar their own, with optimal conditions for storing fine white wines, red wines, sparkling and rosè, life is easier.

Unfortunately,  not every wine lover has his own cellar, especially if living in the city. You have to be creative to indulge in your passion in spite of limited storage options - e.g. wine cabinets in the living room and kitchen.

What if no wine cellar is available? Rent a storage unit.

A wine cellar is by no means the only way to collect good wines and keep them until they are fully ripe. In a storage unit at Casaforte in Lugano, Zurich and Basel, wines are also excellently stored and safely protected from:

  • foreign odors
  • concussions
  • light
  • temperature change and humidity

Buy your favourite wine in large quantities, store it optimally and enjoy it at the right time without restriction. Use a separate storage space to create precisely the best conditions for each type.

Which storage conditions are ideal for your wine?

The conditions under which you store your wines and for how long can vary from wine to wine. One thing is certain: in a Casaforte unit you can create the ideal storage conditions and need not fear long storage periods. The longer the rental period of your storage space in Lugano, Basel or Zurich the lower the rental prices might end up being. Ask the winegrower from whom you buy your wine for the optimal storage conditions and take these into account when renting and setting up your storage space.

Storing wine in Lugano, Zurich and Basel: Casaforte

Give us a call or email us and let our experienced experts advise you on setting up a storage unit for the storage of your wines in Zurich, Lugano or Basel. We will be happy to give you tips and give you a quote.

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