Is your relocation becoming a nightmare? Not with Casaforte - store your furniture in a storage room at the Hotel of Things. Stress-free move at our storage facilities.

Moving is no one's favourite activity. With a storage room to organise all you own, it will be a slightly better one though

Is your relocation becoming a nightmare Not with Casaforte store your furniture in a storage room at the Hotel of Things Stressfree move at our storage facilities - Casaforte

Moving or relocating is exhausting. It requires a lot of preparation as well as good nerves.  Renting a storage room at Casaforte beforehand will definitely make your move faster, and almost stress-free. Our team at Casaforte knows everything about  moving, planning, self storage needs and finding the best storage room. Especially when it comes to storing furniture and household goods during a move or renovation, our storage expert will help you getting organised for the big day.

At Casaforte, storage rooms for furniture and other household items can be rented at short notice and contracts are flexible - just like your needs.

Fast, easy, affordable. 

Great advantages of a storage room for rent when moving houses

  • Save time and nerves - store your furniture until the new home is ready. Label and write down where each cupboard, shelf, chest of draws has been located inside the storage room
  • Clearing out - selling your house or apartment means making it look perfect for all potential buyers. Self storage is your best options to temporarely hide away all that 'not so nice' furniture. Create the best environment for all visitors: the less crowded an apartment or house is, the more interesting it will look to the eyes of buyers
  • Looking for a place to live or move abroad - your former home has already been sold or rented out and you haven't found a new one yet? You need a storage room for furniture, household items and moving boxes. Our rooms at Casaforte can be rented for as long as you wish. This perfect, short-term solution frees you for the first time from the pressure of "where do I put all this furniture?"
  • Moving to a smaller apartment or a smaller house: moving into an apartment or a house with less living space or less basement means you either get rid of half of your furniture, or store it away for a while. The same goes for elderly people leaving their home to move into a retirement home. A storage room for rent represents a good solution to keep furniture until they decide what to do with all of it.
  • Creating space and getting organised: over time we all tend to accumulate a lot - unless you're a real minimalist. A move is always a good opportunity to sort through all of it and bring less junk to your new home. Don't take any sudden or rushed decisions when it comes to something you've had for many years. A storage faciity gives you the option of sorting everything you own, in order to decide what to keep and what to give away. Pictures, shelves, books, memories: bring everything to your personal storage room. 
  • Moving boxes: place them all in your storage room . Pack early, label your moving boxes and you'll be sleeping better. Trust the experts. Moving boxes can be easily stored in a small storage room - out of your way! Concentrate on big furniture and how to move it straight to the new home. Pick everything up at Casaforte self storage when it's time.
  • Casaforte for your deliveries drop off/pick up- during the move, let Casaforte hold all your Amazon and Ebay deliveries. Moving in with your loved one or sharing a flat with others? You will probably end up with 2 sofas, 2 beds and more doubled up things. This is exactly what a storage room for rent at Casaforte is for. Store it all, first, and  then decide whether there is a need for it or not. You can always sell it on or bring it to Brocki
  • Looking for accommodation: you've already sold your old home, but haven't found a new one yet? Self storage is your perfect short-term solution. Just keep what you need and pack everything else. For our storage rooms there is no minimum term and a short notice period of only 5 days. It is hardly more comfortable.


Whatever size you need, our experts will help you by phone or email.

Rent just the the storage space you really need. Store it all in a safe, clean and dry storage room at Casaforte. 24/7 CCTV cameras and Securitas security service.

Contact our professional experts to store furniture during your move, contact Casaforte today.

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