Warehouse self-storage for real fans of technology

Here are 4 objects that have revolutionized our everyday life and the perfect place to store them

Warehouse selfstorage for fans of technology - Casaforte

Remember when wandering the streets looking for a pay phone to make a phone call? Or when collected cassettes tape to listen and listen again to our old Walkman?

Now we don't bother most of the inventions that have revolutionized our lives and who created the starting point for the birth of modern smartphone, plasma tv, iPod and ecofriendly two-wheeled vehicles. This is all part of our daily lives. We look at these objects as if they existed historically, but are the objects of the past that remind us of the great strides made by technology.

Some enterprising decided to rent a warehouse self-storage and keep them as real museum pieces. We have chosen 5 for you to make a quick trip to the past.


Who would have thought that in a warehouse self-storage you could find one like this?
Before the flat, so flat and 3D effects, Sony Trinitron: was born. Is triggered from the Japanese multinational company in 1968 and is able to sell over 100 million devices worldwide. Thanks to its Visual rendering much brighter than normal standards, is the first prototype of tv to bring technology to colors in our homes.


We're back speaking of Sony. On 1 July 1979 offers the first commercially available cassette player in the world. From that day, the way we listen to music changes, moving from the couch to the streets of the city.

Then, the advent of iPods and Smartphones. The Walkman was soon forgotten in a drawer, along with headphones and tapes, but everything is perfectly preserved in a warehouse for rent to be dusted off as required and displayed with pride to future generations.


Today you can find in the store cameras of any kind and size: Compact, digital, professional, semiprofessional, with normal zoom or superzoom. In 1900, back when we did not know about the accuracy of an SLR and the immediacy of Instagram, to make democratic and accessible to all the art of photography was Kodak Brownie, launching the first cheap camera in history.


It is not yet a museum piece that may be forgotten in a corner, although in recent years’ fans of convenient and sustainable mobility replaced it with modern e-bike.
The bicycle as we know it reaches its modern form in 1890 and since then enters fully into the collective imagination as a universal means of transport, suitable for adult and also for children. 

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