Love is gone? Hide your memories in a warehouse for rent

Gifts of the months passed together, photos, love letters. Close them all in a box and come in Casaforte Switzerland

Hide your memories in a warehouse for rent - Casaforte

It is a matter of fact, not all couples are destined remain forever happily ever after.
Once we believed in fairy tales, love above all, then diehards we grew up. We’ve learned to live our lives even from single and we found out that there are great loves and lightning strikes intended to exhaust their effect.

This year we had a traumatic demonstration of this with the shocking decision made by Angelina Jolie to give the boot to his great love Brad.

Many may have wondered: if not them, beautiful, rich, successful and socially committed, who will prove that true love exists?

We leave to you the answer because Valentine's day is coming and as not all are preparing to celebrate it with chocolates and flowers, at Casaforte Switzerland we want to offer you a classic but always effective way to utilize your warehouse for rent to close with the past.


When love ends, you know, mainly the memories make us weigh the absence of the man or woman lost. It may sound simplistic, but deleting from your sight all the months spent together, pictures and love letters is a good starting point for cleaning up your life and heart.

Best to avoid amassing everything inside a storage room at your house or to cram various trinkets in a closet. It will only be a waste of space, especially because during the first few weeks you will be often nostalgia and desire to uncover the Pandora’s box.


Our advice is to make yours the famous motto "out of sight, out of mind".

Shut in a box all that makes you remember the moments spent with your former partner. Gone the teddy bear won at the amusement park, gone the necklace engraved with his name on it, the giant of the fantastic summer in Formentera and the whole slew of poems of Pablo Neruda collected one month after another.

Then choose the nearest Safe deposit, request a warehouse for rent size Small and try to "bury" there your memories. Even for a few months.

Besides the nostalgia won't last forever. Around the corner surely there's a Prince or a Princess waiting patiently to be part of your life, and we at Casaforte are sure that, sooner or later, you may need to recycle one of those poems to Neruda remained closed in your self-storage store.



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