Warehouse for rent for “back in fashion” objects

7 must have of the 90’s that (maybe) you saved in your self-storage depot

Warehouse for rent for back in fashion objects - Casaforte

In a Casaforte warehouse you can preserve pretty much everything.
Did you thought our warehouses were made only for bulky furniture and old objects? You were wrong. Many clients, in fact, choose to store indoors and safe clothing went out of fashion. A good solution to have more space in the closet, you might think. Actually, it's not just about this.

According to recent research conducted by Bocconi University in Milan, we buy vintage clothes to relieve discomfort engendered by the crisis. In simple terms, we take refuge in past eras to console us and, from time to time, we need to bring on the crest of a wave cult objects that remind us of times long gone.

So, better keep the clothes that you loved so much. Sooner or later they might come back to make you remember the good times like these 7 samples. Tell the truth, have you stored some of them in the back of your wardrobe?

Not all Crop Top are (or return) to harm, especially if worn with lower temperatures of 18 degrees. But the fashions, you know, challenge the cold and also the risk of colds. If the teen of the 90’s have managed to defy the tenacity of their intestines, why wouldn't they do that fashionistas in 2017?


We would have preferred them to remain buried in our warehouse for as long as possible and instead, it’s back on the scene more in vogue than ever. We’re talking about the Plaid Shirt or tartan, the sportswear that has characterized the universe punk and grunge since the 70’s. 

A horror that can be approved only on the mythical actor Tom Welling's shoulders in the television series Smallville, or in musical groups like Sex Pistols.

We took them to paw, cigarette, high waist, low and super skinny. Then came the tears. We started by covering them with colored patches or tone on tone, but over the years we've gotten more outrageous fashions, tearing increasingly tattered jeans up to reduce fabric.

And you, how many pairs of jeans have you battered and stored in your warehouse to be fashionable?


Let us accept it, the bucket hat comes and goes but does not disappear completely. There was a time when the hat was considered to be the mirror of the social state of an individual. Thankfully not anymore, otherwise we would feel all like a ridiculous Sampei.

In the 90’s it was the platform shoes to become the emblem of feminine power, thanks to their striking and aggressive style. In 2016, they reassert itself among teens, leading to a new revolution: reconciling centimeters more with comfort.

Another must have returned to the forefront in 2016 is the halter top or racerback, that in the 90’s was wore in every form, color and size. This sensual garment was not the object of compelling look in a while, so don’t be surprised if it reappears to (re) put on display the neck and shoulders of both young and old.

I wonder how many of you have sealed in a box style combat boots to hide and forget them in a warehouse. You thought it was all over, that the “Spice Girls” high-heeled boots were dead and buried forever and instead the combat boots are back, and this time won't be enough wearing jeans and rompers like David Bowie to match them in a cool way.


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