Warehouse in Basel where to store equipment for parties and events

From the ice cream cart to big bouncy castle, here's the equipment to make unforgettable party and self-storage solutions where to store them

Warehouse in Basel where to store equipment - Casaforte

Who hasn't dreamed of launching themselves in a tub full of colored rubber balls? Who hasn't approached with the water in the throat to cotton candy cart, or are persuaded to make four jumps on the trampoline?

We were all kids and we know how fun parties and events-based games are, with music and food of all kinds.

We know and so does anyone who has decided to devote himself to organizing children's parties and trendy party where show off their equipment, however the space where store them in a warehouse in Basel never fails.

Here is a selection of the funniest equipment to make unforgettable party and self-storage solutions where safeguard them.


At pool parties or around the city during fairs and festivals of summer remains a must that cannot miss. That's pushed the pedal or motor does not really matter, what matters is to be there when the craving of ice cream goes crazy and when the scorching makes us want just something frozen in the mouth.

The classic ice cream cart, as well as that of cotton candy or popcorn will not occupy too much space inside your warehouse in Basel, however we advise you to rent a Regular size storage. In this way, you will have enough space to accommodate the small itinerant cart together with various accessories like decorative knot and refrigerated wells, which will keep strictly cleaned inside special boxes.


The instruments that cannot miss in your collection of an aspiring DJs are obviously powered PA speaker cabinets and consoles that dance dancefloor fans well into the night.

Recommended space inside your warehouse in Basel: from 1 to 5 sqm.

You can sit in the corner cases and require the installation of a special facility where neatly brackets, cables, console and everything that characterizes your lights (headlights, moving heads, strobe, fog machine, etc.).


A wedding is not only made of fine food, elegant dresses and flower arrangements as far as the eye. Who organizes ceremonies knows well. To ensure that your wedding day will become the most beautiful moment in your life, you must take care of every single detail, be it ball Boxwood trees Ligustrum anchored to the entrance of the Church or of the silver and gold draping intended for table of the bride and groom.

In short, our advice is this: come visit us at our warehouse in Basel and choose the larger self-storage space you can find. You just never know how fanciful or strange may be requests for next weds.


At first glance they seem heavy and bulky, but in reality, these furnishings for playgrounds or playrooms can be deflated or disassembled and occupy minimal space. A Small size within your warehouse in Basel will be more than enough to preserve slides, saltarelli and inflatables.

Conversely, if your children's play furniture is more broad you may fall back into a Regular size or Large tanks where the balls will also, obstacle courses, trampolines and games playground.

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