Trekking: do it with the right gear. Here are our tips to store it at Casaforte Basel, Lugano and Zurich

Tents, sleeping bags, trekking clothing, boots and backpacks: buy the right gear, take care of it and store it correctly

Trekking do it with the right gear Here are our tips to store it at Casaforte Basel Lugano and Zurich - Casaforte

Trekking is very good for you - and for many reasons. Exercising at open air and especially in nature is beneficial to the body and mind. For trekking to be a complete success and lead to the desired relaxation, recovery and health though, you need good gear that supports and protects you properly. Here are Casaforte's tips for purchases, care and storage:

The right trekking gear: take care of it

If you want to do real trekking and spend many days outiside, great and complete gear is a must. Then, you'll also need enough space to store everything:

  • tents
  • thermal mats
  • trekking backpacks
  • sleeping bags
  • rain jackets and trousers
  • trekking pants
  • hiking boots
  • crockery
  • lamps and torches
  • maps, compass and GPS


Rent a storage for your trekking gear: convenient and flexible at Casaforte

You can store your gear in storage right away without humidity and mould risks in safe areas with video surveillance. Don't fill every drawer in your home with things you only use in summer. At Casaforte self storage in Lugano, Zurich and Basel your tents, hiking clothes, backpacks and sleeping bags are stored in a dry and clean place.

Storage and care of hiking gear

Before storing your gear correctly, it is necessary to ensure that all parts are clean. Clean or wash boots, clothing, sleeping bags, rainwear, and camping mats thoroughly. It is necessary to make sure that everything is also dry, especially goose down sleeping bags to prevent them from any mold or stains, and then store them in special vacuum bags. It is also advisable to keep patching and replacing damaged parts within easy reach for work.

Space for backpacks, tents, camping mats, sleeping bags and trekking clothing in Lugano, Basel or Zurich at Casaforte

At Casaforte in Lugano, Zurich or Basel you'll find storage for as long as you need. Look for our discounts and call us. We will be happy to give you a quote to store your trekking equipment.

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