It's time to rent a warehouse self-storage?

If your Achilles heel is shopping, maybe you can recognize yourself in one of these 3 stereotypes. Find out which one

Time to rent a warehouse selfstorage - Casaforte

Is a classic. No matter if the closet is saturated with skirts, pants, jeans and shirts piled into force. No matter that there is only one free hanger where to hang a jacket and that the drawers of dressers fail to close because of the amount of laundry crammed inside.

The morning ritual of every woman at the end is always the same and between more applicants sentences there will be, like a punctual clockwork, the classic "Today I really have nothing to put on".

The problem, of course, is not the available lack of choice, but the sheer amount of stuff piled up in the middle of which is becoming increasingly difficult to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. In this case, perhaps, a little more space where to place the wardrobe wouldn't hurt.

Here are 3 female stereotypes that made serial shopping vocation. If you recognize yourself in one of these three types, then you should run to rent a self-storage warehouse.


Day and night are made to wear different clothes and for the classic Cinderella this is a rule. Therefore, it means to organize the wardrobe in a certain way, perhaps putting all garments that can be worn in everyday life on the right side and on the left, the elegant clothes reserved for dinners with the lover and the super party with girlfriends.

And everything else? Obviously, it can find place in a Casaforte self-storage warehouse, otherwise Anastasia and Drizella could take advantage of it.


Never mind that her latest acquisition dates back to a minute before and that in the closet there is no chance even to fix a point shoes. If a garment is nice and it's on sale, then turns immediately into something indispensable.

Better to have a self-storage warehouse where to place your old purchases, because the next Black Friday is just around the corner.


The future can always hold some pleasant surprises for the eternal optimist. So, it doesn't matter that a pair of shoes don't sock perfectly, sooner or later your foot will adapt itself to the shoe. Needless to worry if the buttons of her blouse don’t close, with some diet it’ll find the rightful accommodation.

The optimistic accumulator buys compulsively, but then end up by wearing the same clothes and store the new signings in a Casaforte warehouse, pending met expectations.

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