Temporary warehouse to store my sports equipment

Here are 4 sports experiences for real fans and self-storage facilities ready to accommodate your equipment

Temporary warehouse to store sports equipment - Casaforte

We know them as "sensation seekers", that is, those who are always in search of sensations and emotions. They love extreme sports because they stimulate the production of adrenaline, which gives euphoria, and dopamine, which gives welfare.

Also, they love to buy and collect the best sports equipment to be ready to jump off the steepest slope or riding the higher wave, even when space where to keep them is missing.

On the other hand we know well. In Casaforte Self-Storage there’s a temporary warehouse for any requirement, even for those who love to madness adrenaline sports. Here are 4 “no limits” sport experiences for real fans and self-storage solutions ready to accommodate any equipment.



Athletes who sign up to the mythical Swiss proof are always punctual like clockwork and when time comes, they enter their temporary warehouse Casaforte in Lugano or Basel and bring out everything they need like skis, suit, helmet, goggles and so on.

Yes, because the Patrouille des Glaciers is an experience not to be missed, which is staged every 2 years. It’s considered the longest and most demanding test of skiing in the world, because it forces the more daring to tread 3,990 meters of elevation gain at one stage that combines Zermatt to Verbier, and the less crazy, about 2,000 meters between Arolla and Verbier.

When they say, a nice little walk in the snow.


Remember the James Bond film, Goldeneye, starring Pierce Brosnan? Of course, you will and if you are real sensation seekers you’ll remember as well the famous flight by one of the world's tallest dams in the Verzasca Valley. Polls have enshrined it as the best stunt scene of the entire history of cinema and of course the daredevils wanted to try it.

A solemn shot of adrenaline that will let you fell the breeze to jump from 220 meters high, just like the brave Goldeneye James Bond. Will you be equally brave?
Of course, you will but first remember to take everything you need from your warehouse self-storage.


There was a time when, in a temporary warehouse Casaforte in Basel or Lugano, people came to preserve old chests and boxes. Then came the athletes of the Sellaronda Ski Marathon.

They prepare their seal skins, the front panels to illuminate the path, heavy jumpsuits to protect themselves from the cold and the unmissable skis and empty their own self-storage space to tackle one of the toughest competitions of alpine skiing in the world that unfolds in a path that connects well 4 dolomites passes from Pordoi to Caicedo.

So all, at their return their self-storage space will be still there waiting for them.



We end up with one of the best known and loved competitions of all time: the Red Bull X-Alps.

This is a unique path that crosses the highest mountains in the world combining two of the most popular extreme sport: hiking and paragliding.
In the seventh edition, all the three winners (all Swiss) have managed to cover well 1,038 kilometers, starting from Mozartplatz (Austria), to explore the beautiful peaks of Mont Blanc, Annecy and Peille.

The eighth edition is expected in 2017 and there are already those who are preparing the equipment into their temporary warehouse to get ready and prepared.
I wonder if Swiss will be able to win the victory for the third consecutive edition. 

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