Looking for temporary storage rooms to clear out your attic?

Discover the new Attic Save promotion and save 10% on your rental contract

Temporary storage rooms to clear out your attic - Casaforte

Furniture, roller skates, tennis rackets, chests full of teddy bears.
Our homes are full of odds and ends accumulated over the years that fill cupboards and attics. In most cases, they are old and unused objects that cannot be stored in the house, but we are unable to give away because they have a sentimental value to us.

Before the situation gets out of hand, come and visit us at our self storage centres in Lugano and Basel to discover the incredible Attic Save Promo.

Throughout 2017 you can rent temporary storage rooms and transform them into the ideal place to organize your little house of memories.

You can choose all the space that you need to accommodate your personal belongings and access your unit whenever you want, thanks to the personal Smart Card which we will provide you once the rental contract has been finalized.
If you decide to rent a self storage space for a minimum period of 12 months, you will receive a special 10% discount.

With our storage unit rental service, you will able to keep your things safe, without the inconvenience of having to cram everything into your attic or get rid of your memories. 

Casaforte is also at your side during the transport stage. If you need to move fragile or bulky objects, ask for the assistance of our skilled employees and focus on restoring order to your attic. Now you no longer have to worry about where to store the surplus.


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