Tailored self storage

Problems choosing a space? Casaforte Self Storage can help

Tailored self storage - Casaforte

Every house has a story that changes and transforms with the progression of the life of those who live there.
The same thing happens with our self storage units.

You have rented a Small size storage unit to safely store your sports equipment and indispensable comics collection, but now the situation has changed. The attic needs clearing out and there is no space in your wardrobe for this season’s clothes.
It is time to move to a larger self storage unit.

But how do you choose the right size for you?
Simple. Leave it to our professionals who are always on hand to offer you a personalized service.

It is often the case that people who need to rent a self storage unit consider all the objects that need to be stored and end up choosing spaces that are much larger than what they really need.
In fact it would be sufficient to opt for a Small or Regular storage unit and to remember to follow our advice on how to maximise space.

But at other times the opposite is true. The customer rents a 5 sq m storage unit because they are convinced that it is sufficient to contain everything that they need to store, until they realize that the available space is too restricted and it is time to upgrade to a larger unit.

If you are uncertain about the size of the space you wish to rent, ask Casaforte. We will be able to give you excellent advice on the choice of storage unit and we will be available to help you transfer your goods from one warehouse to another.

We at Casaforte really care about your satisfaction, offering a tailored self storage service to punctually meet any space requirements.

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