Superheroes looking for a warehouse space

Batman, Iron Man, Superman: the richest superheroes ever to whom would need a deposit rent

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A bizarre Italian research carried out by portal tried to map the city of the most beloved superheroes to assess the price of their properties.

Have you ever wondered how much would worth today the wonderful Wayne Manor, on the outskirts of Gotham City, if it actually existed? Probably a pile of money that the dark Bruce Wayne could have saved if he would have chosen to rent a self-storage warehouse for its tight-fitting costumes and his shaped bat “toys”.

On the other hand, as the uncle of Peter Parker, aka Spider-man, used to say "with great power comes great responsibility". And apparently, even large rental fees.

Here is the ranking of superheroes that could benefit from finding a warehouse space.



Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, sullen and authoritarian could move comfortably in a studio flat if he ever decide to relocate furniture and miscellaneous junk into a warehouse for rent.
It seems that the entire villa, including technological and Batcave today would have an estimated value of one million euros. 

But the studio flat would not have the same charm and Batman to the call light in sky could not trail in his Bat Cave to climb aboard his Bat-mobile.



From rags to riches would you have thought when the stud Clark Kent left the family farm in Kansas, to move into the apartment in Metropolis.
But no, because if the small (but not so small) farm actually existed, with its 230 hectares from the average cost of 4 thousand dollars per acre, today would be worth about $920,000.

Superman and also super wallet, but better looking for a warehouse space in Metropolis because will not enter all the hay bales of the farm in the new apartment.



Here's another superhero who may need a self-storage depot, if only to keep all electronic gadgets to be applied to the glittering armor of Iron Man.
Unless in the luxurious villa of La Jolla, near San Diego, owned by billionaire Tony Stark, there is enough space.

According to the survey, in fact, today the estimated value of the villa would be around 13 million euros.

It's OK to be billionaires Tony, but wouldn't it be better to find a warehouse space? 

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