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For book lovers, here are 4 best sellers you can't miss. Make room for new reads inside your storage unit

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Finally it all blooms again.

Days get longer and streets filled with varieties of green leaves and red or pink roses. Time seems to slow down although the sun sets later. Isn't this just the best time to discover new books and keep reading more?

If you don't want to go to a bookshop because books are all over your house, we have a solution for you: in a storage to keep books safe in Basel you can keep all your books neatly packed. You can also store precious collections and rare finds, since our storage Basel is dry and secure.

We're going to share with you the BBC list of some European bestellers which you may not know yet, and definitely should.

Here are the 4 European top best sellers you should read:

1. Italy: My brilliant friend by Elena Ferrante

The fact that Elena Ferrante's life is a mystery hasn't contributed that much to her fame in Europe. In fact, it's her stories and characters that have captured the readers' attention.

My brilliant friend is the story of the friendship between Elena and Lilia and the attempt to escape the Neapoletan crime scene.

2. Greece: The final reckoning by Petros Markaris

In an alternative present, made distopic by the European crisis atmosphere, Greece abandons the Euro zone. As a consequence of the terrible economical and social crisis, a series of stange omicides start taking place, and the reader no longer knows whether he's on the serial killer's or the inspector's side.

3. Norway: A death in the family by Karl Ove Knausgard

This partly autobiographic story tells about the eternal fight of a lifetime:  one is the fight for daily survival, and the other is the philosophical search for the sense of life and its aspirations. In this stream of thoughts and events, something sudden happens and makes every life certainty vanish: a death in the family.

4. Denmark: The Buddhist by Dorthe Nors

A short stories collection which shed light on boarderline realities. Nors' stories, gloomy and yet astonishing, take us through a man's spiritual journey to religion. Various aspects of this book are  difficult and intense, still, they're treated with such humour and warmth.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into a new read, with storage for rent for books Basel.

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