Need a storage area to store goods?

Cut down logistics costs and receive a personalized service with Casaforte

Storage area to store goods - Casaforte
  • Wide availability of units in Lugano and Basel
  • Storage units from 2 to 100 sq. m or more for all your needs
  • Various packaging options to store small and large items

Casaforte has two large self storage centres in Switzerland, in Lugano and Basel.

If you manage an e-commerce business and you are looking for space to store your products or if your company is currently being expanded and you need a multi-centre storage area, Casaforte is always ready to offer you tailored spaces and solutions.

In addition to our storage units, we can assist you with all the logistics phases: 

  • We can put you in contact with specialist companies to help you with transporting materials and products.
  • We provide free pallet trucks and trolleys to make it easier to transport materials from the vehicle to the storage unit.
  • We provide lockers, metal structures and advice on how to effectively organize your space.
  • We support you when the time comes to change the size of your space, helping you to move to larger or smaller units depending on your requirements.

Our centres are protected by anti-theft and fire protection systems, as well as by CCTV. You know that your company is always in safe hands with Casaforte.

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