Storage area for moving to Basel

Want to save money on your business move? Here are some practical tips from Casaforte Self Storage

Storage area for moving to Basel - Casaforte

Moving to larger premises is always very satisfying for a company.

Business is growing and alongside it the number of staff is also increasing, who need sufficient space to effectively perform their work.
Now comes the most difficult part: how to organize your move without having to spend exorbitant sums? Who will guarantee you a complete, professional service?

The answer to your question is always the same: you can rely on Casaforte.

Come and find us at our self storage centre in Basel and rent a storage area so that you can move independently with complete peace of mind. 

You can store your company’s archives and furniture until the new office is finally ready.

We at Casaforte will assist you with all phases of transportation, offering personalized solutions.

Here are some tips to save money on transport costs:

  1. Avoid organizing your move during June, July and September. House and business removals are more frequent and prices tend to increase.

  2. If you own a small business and you do not need the packing service, you can personally prepare boxes and folders where you can store documents and office supplies.

  3. Only have a few furnishings in the office? Then disassemble the furniture and store everything next to the entrance to speed up the loading process on the truck.
  4. Make a list of items that you need to transport and remember to photograph or film the condition of objects before you pack them.

  5. Insure fragile objects and valuable equipment that could be damaged during transport.

  6. If after moving you realize that some of the objects and equipment were damaged, immediately contact the manager of our centre to report the extent of the damage.

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