Dust your stock off. Need space for Christmas’ corporate gifts

Imagination has no bounds when it comes to pay homage to employees and customers, but sometimes you overdo it. Here is the ranking of the most absurd gifts ever received

Christmas corporate gifts - Casaforte

Somebody has already begun to clear their stock in anticipation of the long-awaited (and often feared) Christmas parties.

Oh yes, because this year under the Christmas tree you will be forced to discard corporate gifts, which in the best case will prove meaningless and, at worst, undesirable or downright horrible.

Want some examples entered into history? Here is the ranking of the most absurd gifts ever received.


An industry research shows that the hamlet doubt grows as we get closer to December: "what to give my employees this Christmas?".

The simplest answer is nothing. But not any nothing.
A box of nothing designed specifically for those who already have everything, but especially for those who prefer to spend less, still leaving gaping anyone receiving the gift.

Not a gift from nothing.


If we consider the function, earplugs are definitely a useful gift.
How many times in the office, between chatters of colleagues and calls, on several occasions you’ve complained of not being able to concentrate?

Here's the weird solution: give employees some earplugs... strictly looking as food though.

Might as well choose an earwax form.


In our ranking of the most absurd gifts ever given away by companies to their employees, icebreaker has gained the absolute primacy for its complete uselessness.
After the molds in the form of emoticons and ice balls for cocktails, a nice icebreaker to paper and place under the tree could not miss.

As there is always space in your warehouse for rent to hide certain gifts and forget to having received them.


At Christmas time, red and green colors remind those of Elf’s clothes who help Santa Claus to prepare the sleigh on Christmas Eve in Lapland.

Imagine yourself unwrap your parcel and find yourself a nice pair of socks, or worse, of the two colors symbol of the party. Now that you've imagined it, prepare a large cardboard box. Destination: your self-storage Warehouse.

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