Keep small and big treasures inside our moving boxes

Here are 4 smart ideas to pack and keep the most difficult things safe whilst being moved

Moving boxes - Casaforte

Your belongings are important for our experts at Casaforte Self Storage. That's why, as soon as it arrives at our depot,we supply you all you may need to best store small and big treasures: moving boxes, trolleys, ladders etc.

The real issue is having everything organised before arriving to our safe self storage units and, especially, finding smart solutions to avoid damaging your belongings once placed in plastic or cardboard boxes.


Screwdrivers, hammers, nails and..knives. Yes, your small and big kitchen knives may also be easily placed in your tool box. Perhaps separately wrapped in a newspaper.
Why? Simply because knives blades may hole your moving boxes. So, it's best to place them in a waterproof tool box to ensure they'll reach their destination.

Once at the storage unit, you'll be able to put them inside a moving box.


How to prevent towels, blankets and bed linen from getting dusty during the move?

By using big garbage bags securely sealed with tape. This way, it will also be easier to move them around and make use of the dead corners inside your car or van. Once at your self storage depot, ask for our Casaforte moving boxes.


You've probably already thought about it. The best way to move books and notebooks without ruining them is by placing them in a big luggage, even better if rigid, or inside a backpack.


Are you an earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces lover? You're worried they may get damaged or lost during the move to your self storage depot? Arrange them inside an eggs carton and seal it with tape. Once you get here, ask our self storage experts for a small moving box and place everything inside it.

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