Looking for self storage spaces for storing academic books and notes?

Casaforte dedicates personalized spaces to non-resident students who require space

Self storage spaces for storing academic books and notes - Casaforte
  • Possibility of agreeing brief and long-term contracts
  • Clean, dry and secure premises for storing any type of item
  • Flexible solutions specially devised for local and out-of-town students

There is never enough space at home, especially if you have to share it with messy and noisy room-mates who are trying to invade every available centimetre.
Luckily, Casaforte has even created flexible solutions for non-resident students.

In your personal unit, you can store all the things for which there is no space in the house or which you want to keep safe, away from intrusive room-mates.

If you do not know where to keep your personal items because your room has been overrun with academic books and notes, you can simply rent a Small storage unit during the course of the academic year. This will allow you to focus on your studies, knowing that your valued items are safe and dry.

If, on the other hand, you need to leave the house during the summer, you can rent a personal space for a few months. While you wait for the beginning of the academic year in September, you can store books and notes and finally enjoy your well-deserved holidays.

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