Life made easier: with a personal storage room. Casaforte offers storage space for private use

New ideas and new beginnings: a temporary storage room to make space in your life

Life made easier with a personal storage room Casaforte offers storage space for private use - Casaforte

Casaforte Self Storage offers storage room for rent at three Swiss locations: Basel, Bedano and Lugano. Store your furniture and personal items in a safe, clean and convenient space. You choose the size of your storage room, we are happy to advise you according to your needs.

There are always reasons to rent a private storage room - here's a few

We offer rental storage areas in all sizes: you can rent a small storage room from as little as 1 sqm. Many options and total flexibility. Your storage space adapts to your changing needs, our notice period is just 5 days and our terms are as flexible as you would like it to be.

Who can use our storage rooms / when does it make sense to store:

  • Families with too much stuff and too little space at home
  • Students: starting university or going abroad? Leave your belongings at Casaforte. Simple and affordable
  • Couples moving in together. Not all things are needed twice - besides wine bottles
  • Divorce - unforeseen but it can happen. It helps to have a personal storage room to bring your things to and rearrange
  • Women, fashionistas and shopping queens who need a lot of space for wardrobes, clothes and shoes
  • Families who want to change the entire house furniture or empty a garage
  • Suddenly you're going to be three? The apartment is too small? Make room for the baby and store unused items at our storage facilities
  • Storage area for transitional periods whilst moving houses
  • Furniture storage for household goods, if the apartment gets too small
  • Storage room for garden furniture and tools, if you have no shed
  • Lockers for private documents and personal information.
  • Storage rooms for small parts, tires and personal tools - make space in your garage.
  • Extra storage room for furniture and household goods outside your home during the renovations. This keeps furniture clean and safe from damage.
  •  Family inheritance: get a rented storage room for the estate furniture until a decision is made.


What you can store in our storage facilities:

  • Household goods: furniture, porcelain, glasses, dishes, pictures, decorations, lights
  • Clothing: jackets, coats, shoes, clothes, winter sports clothing, children clothing
  • Sports equipment: helmets, skis, snowboard, surfboard, wakeboard, bikes, scooters, paragliding, surf board, mountain bike
  • Books, shelving, book collections, CDs, record collection, vinyl records
  • Fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer, microwave, grill
  • Lawn mower, lawn trimmer, wheelbarrow, garden tools, grill, bbq, garden furniture, leaf blowers, brooms, shovels,
  • Moving boxes, other cardboard boxes
  • Winter tires, summer tires, car accessories, roof racks, tools, car care products, polishing machine
  • Electrical appliances: TV, stereo, toaster, iron, computer, playstation
  • Children's toys, cots, swings, sandbox, scooter
  • Pet accessories: cages, dog beds, climbing trees, kennels
  • Fitness accessories: fitness equipment, treadmills, yoga mats, crosstrainer, stepper or sitting balls


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