Self-storage and vintage

Here 3 objects from the past that today worth a real fortune

Self storage and objects vintage - Casaforte

It can be a dress or an accessory, when an object is vintage has always a special charm.
Maybe it’s the mystery behind the patina of time or that scent of lived that you can't just wash it away. The truth is that the passion for vintage inspires us to rummage through the stalls, and it does not matter if the space home lacks to show off our new (so to speak) purchases.

Luckily, self-storage stores Casaforte are just around the corner. In Switzerland, there are two placed in strategic locations like Lugano and Basel, whereas in Italy there are actually 21 and others are opening soon.
So don't be doubtful. If during the next visit to the flea market you’ll find that vintage object of your dreams, don't let him get away. May one day be worth a fortune.

Don't you believe us? Then please take a look at these 3 examples, in the past considered simple knick-knacks and today turned into treasures. Perhaps in your warehouse self-storage you’ve saved someone.


It's always been there, in the middle of a pile of forgotten games waiting to be exhumed and go back to be protagonist in the lives of children and Star Wars fanatics. But no, because the ship led by Han Solo and Chewbacca but assembled with the colorful little bricks of Lego today might worth a real fortune.

11,000 Euros to be exact, but only when conditions were nearly perfect.
Why are you still there? Run in your self-storage space and check out if you’ve saved one in your messy boxes!



In 2016 we wear our iWatch or tech watches that tell us the exact time, clock time, remind us of our appointments and report the calories burned during the last session of jogging. Maybe one day they will also be able to wake us up in the morning and make a coffee (or maybe they do this already?).

In the 90’s, however, the technology was still in its infancy, and proposed this great Casio watch that for those times managed to shake several with its built-in calculator function.

If you surveyed your self-storage spaces (and we recommend to do it) we are confident that you will find this museum piece--if only for the value which assumes today to the eyes of collectors.
Its value? About 900 euros.


The rise of the bespectacled boy wizard has been unstoppable in recent years and we are sure that many of you have undoubtedly saved if not in the house, at least in one of your self-storage spaces, all 8 books of the successful saga.

If so, this could be your lucky day. The first edition of Harry Potter came out number one in only 500 copies in 1998 and today is worth more than $56,000.

Are you sure, not to be among the 500 with a first edition of the book in storage?

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