With the new opening of Casaforte Self Storage Bedano, promotions are everywhere!

Do you need more space? Casaforte is ready to offer storage between 2 and 20 m² with a 50% discount

New opening lugano nord - Casaforte

What do a craftsman and a business owner have in common? It's simple: they both run out of time all the time..and space too.

Both have plenty of things to do. From designing new products, to looking after investments, as well as meetings with stakeholders and managing their team. Let's not forget the incredible amount of documents, invoices, tools and goods.

Hence why both would choose our new self storage Bedano located in Bedano.
Are you a smith or a carpenter who no longer knows where to store his tools? Are you an entrepreneur with way too much paper all over the place?

Take advantage of this great offer. If you are within the first 10 clients you'll be receiving a 50% DISCOUNT on your storage (between 2 and 20 m²) for the first 2 months.

And it isn't over! If that storage isn't big enough for your tools, you can choose a space between 30 and 80 m². 

Fill out the form and book your self storage with a click.

Time flies..and our storages Casaforte Bedano are being booked fast.

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