Self Storage Lugano: it’s time to get masks and funny clothes out

Are you ready to visit the kingdom of amusement? This year Carnival is going to be even more carefree with the new self storage Lugano

carnival lugano - Casaforte

The Sechseläuten is getting closer and closer. All of Switzerland is getting ready to celebrate spring, Nature’s rebirth and the wealth that both the weather and Mother Nature  will be donating to people.

Each city keeps its traditions going: masks, dances and games to push winter away with a positive, colourful, fun spirit. Each year this spirit brings millions of people to the streets allowing them  to abandon old grudges and sorrows in order to finally make room for lightheartedness and new beginnings.

This year Casaforte has decided to celebrate spring with the opening of a new self storage in Bedano. This will bring more room to keep masks and clothes which will then be used over and over the years.

But where’s the funniest Carnival?


What would you do at a 7 day non-stop party?

A few km from Lugano the crown of Bellinzona kingdom has been given to Re Rabadan. He takes care of all the celebrations for adults and kids.

Rabadan is an Italian word from the Piedmontese dialect meaning  ‘noise’. The Carnival of Bellinzona, the most important in Switzerland after the one in Basel, is in fact dedicated to making noise and celebrating on the streets: adults and kids together.

Do you know where Re Rabadan keeps his mantle and crown when he goes off duty? Come and find out at our self storage Lugano where the entertainment keep going all year long.

The Carnival of Nebiopoli in Chiasso is a republic where everyone is a minister of entertainment. Which rules would you set? On the first day the local authorities give the Prime Minister, called Carnival King, the power of entertainment. He then transforms Chiasso in the Free Republic of Nebiopoli.
The satire and entertainment then rule over the city which is invaded by guggen, musicians and carriages. All dressed up and chanted by the party they roam around the streets of the city.

Are you ready to dance, sing and let yourself go? Leave everything in our self storage Lugano and come pick it up at the end of the party. Only for a few minutes - to truly enjoy Carnival.


Are you ready for Eierläset? Ready, steady, go: let spring and winter have their fight. The Carnival of Zurich is one of the sportiest of Switzerland.

Streets are full of dressed up runners and rivals taking part in traditional fights with jazz as background music. Smaller compared to Chiasso and Bellinzona, however still much beloved, this Carnival reaches its best time on its last day when pretty much all of the city is dressed up as something/someone. A great mix of tourists and locals.

After celebrating all over Switzerland, come and see us at self storage Lugano where you can store your old masks.

What would you not live without?

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