Self-storage depot in Basel for the Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations in self storage depot - Casaforte

As recited in an old saying: Epiphany, all the holidays takes away ... and not just those.

It is fun to decorate with ribbons, garlands and festoons. We put the tree up, we spent entire afternoons for shops looking for new colored balls and blinking lights, we prepared the crib with the same precision and detail with which you would pull on a film set. But now the holidays are over and like every year it's time to actually pack everything, in order to allow Carnival revelry.

Here are some tips to preserve the Christmas decorations in your self-storage depot in Basel.

You know as well as we do that the wonderful uprooted tree from your garden that has inviting House scented pine smell throughout the holiday season, won't be able to survive until next year ... especially when stored in a warehouse. That will have to go back into the garden or turn into firewood. As regards artificial tree instead, you will find a place in our self-storage space in Basel for sure.

Sure, it won’t smell as a natural tree but at least will avoid losing down the street its pine needles.


Let's face it, the joy we experience in arranging each decoration on our Christmas tree is matched only despair in putting everything into a box after January 6. Yet this is an appointment which we cannot avoid.

Our advice is to separate each decor by type, so as not to create unnecessary confusion.
Start to prepare of cardboard boxes of various sizes: it will serve a larger to gather all the colored balls, while it only takes a couple smaller (fine shoe boxes) for bows, little angels and various accessories.

Attention: pay attention to the preservation of the lights. Doesn't look like it, but they are very delicate and you may end up with some small light burned out the next Christmas. Better to keep them in custody or in a box separate from the rest, wrap and tie with a rubber band or paper tape to keep it up.


Whether you're a fan of the traditional crib with figurines in terracotta or plastic figurines enthusiast, it doesn't matter. In your self-storage depot in Basel, you will find space to store both the others.

Just remember to be very careful during storage. The terracotta figures (such as those made of glass or other sensitive materials) are very fragile and need to be wrapped and placed carefully into a box after their performance.

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