This March celebrate spring with the new Casaforte Self storage Bedano

Böögg is about to be burnt again soon, there's not much left of winter. And this year with spring comes a special surprise: a new self storage centre opening in Bedano

Self storage Lugano Nord - Casaforte

After a long letargic winter the air will be getting warmer again. We are going to spend more time outside to enjoy the warmer sun rays and we also start thinking about a big spring clean.

Getting nervous just at the thought of it? Don't worry. This year with spring comes something new: something which could not only be useful for making cleaning easier, but also to give room to your workplace so that your ideas will finally have room to breath and ispire you again.

Get rid of the old and make room for the new!

With spring around the corner, Casaforte opens a self storage in Lugano directly in the heart of Bedano. 

Self Storage Lugano: the self storage space you've always been dreaming of is now in the heart of Bedano


Are you ready to say goodbye to winter with Sechseläuten? This year be ready for a special surprise. There'll be more room in your warehouse for all those extra goods and tools you can't live without. At the end of March 2018 Casaforte Self Storage will be opening in Bedano.

We all know that factories, small businesses and craftsmen often run out of space. There never seems to be enough room for tools and paper work. For example a carpenters table. It's his first and main work tool to craft wood. A carpenter knows that well. With Casaforte Self Storage you can finally have the room you've always been dreaming of. No more tools in every corner of the house.

Choose Casaforte Bedano. Thanks to a personal access code you'll have access to the self storage facility whenever you want.

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