Self storage Basel: all you need to know

Discover a solution to optimize space and store in a safe, tidy, and economic way

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Moving to Basel is something many Europeans dream of.

Many studies show that Switzerland and its cities have some of highest life quality levels. Those living in Basel find everything they need at their doorstep. However, when it comes to renting, the city on the Rhein, represents one of the most expensive ones. Don't let that stop you though. A storage in Basel can always help you: a space to keep everything you need, easily accessable and always safe.


Choose a storage between the available sizes: the smallest, between 2 and 4 m², the bigger one, between 13 and 15 m².

Renting a storage means you can store away what you don't use so often: summer tables, a couch, 4 pair of skiis, even 4 pair of skiis and more.

A bigger storage space means exra room to save room at home.


According to the storage size prices do change. Renting a storage in Basel costs from as little as CHF 69.00/month.

On th other hand, renting a studio apartment can costs between 800 and CHF 1300.

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