Self storage Basel to start life with your other half

With the self storage service Basel keeping what's part of you has never been easier

Self storage Basel to start living - Casaforte

It's time to move and leave your rented student bedroom to start a new stage of your life: living with your other half.
A move that will allow you to have more space even though you'll have to share it with her. So you start asking your friends for old boxes and pick some up from the nearby supermarket. Then you collect all that you've accumulated over the years.

In a box you place everything that you haven't used in a long time - including that wool jumper you never ever wore, and you bring it to a second hand shop where someone else could find a better use of it. In the other box you place your memories. Not your civil right book or your 1st year notes. Your memories, the good ones. The ones worth keeping: the polaroid you took to every party, your Stieg Larsson trilogy, the costume you wore at Bellinzona Carnival, a speeding fine you got in Zurich and the Mammut hiking shoes you climbed Jungfraujoch with.

Suddenly though you take a look around and realise that there's so much more in your room. Perhaps it's time to rent a storage room in Basel.


It's easy: with a self storage for rent in Basel centre you'll be able to keep your skiis safe but also at easy reach to pick them up on Friday after work and leave for the weekend.

It's tailored made for you: Casaforte Basel is located right in the city centre, a few minutes from tram stop Hardstrasse (tram 3 or 14). It's super easy for you and your other half to pick up what you need and leave for the airport, which is only 20 minutes away.


Everything is ready for the big move but you still haven't organised what to take with you and what to leave behind.
You could throw it all away but a spare fridge is always useful and there's your surf board too. You love it.

You could sell it all but it takes time. Memories are endless but space isn't.
At Casaforte we can offer you small storage rooms from 4m² where you can keep it all for less than CHF 156/month.

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