Self storage Basel: is everything ready for a mountain bike excursion?

Ready to pedal along the Rhine? Discover the beauties of Basel Land by mountain bike, but first pop by our self storage BAsel to pick up everything you need

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Mountain biker, E-biker and part time bikers choose Basel land and the nearby cantons for excursions immersed in the natural beauties of the Swiss landscade. 38% of Swiss people love spending their weekends by bike, discovering their own backyard.

With more than 2.500 bike paths, Basel land is a real paradise for bike lovers that enjoy escaping the city to pedal in the countryside. 

Spring is around the corner, get ready to organise mountain bike excursions in the countryside with your friends. Remember to stop by your self storage Basel, where you keep your bike, helmet, and all the tools to do a final check. Before leaving for any excursion, it's a good idea to check your bike and its conditions to be sure it's ready for any kind of road and adventure.

Here are three mountain bike paths you can do by bike or mountain bike in Basel Land. There are easy ones and harder ones, with narrow paths and some for only real experts. You can find them all on


Starting from the centre of Basel, it only takes 34 km to reach the pretty village of Laufen. Mostly flat, with just a few hills to make you sweat, this path goes through the prettiest parks of Basel. Fun enough for experts as well as beginners, along this path you'll be able to stop at various typical cafès to taste some traditional Swiss desserts.


Be ready to take your passport with you. This bike path crosses Switzerland, Germany and France. Starting from the village of Witterwil, it follows the river Birs and then reaches the beautiful natural paradise of Münchenstein. Keep going north, along the river Rhine, up to the hilly Riehen you'll cross the border with Germany where you can take a break and visit Weil am Rhein.

You'll be crossing countries again now. Once you're in France, visit the pretty Saint Louise with its typical weekend markets. Finally keep going south and back into Switzerland, in cute Allschwil or, for those willing to keep going a few more km, you can reach Neuwiller and have lunch/dinner there.


56 km of pure adrenaline for mountain bike lovers. Starting from Bsel, leave the city behind and move towards south, this path will take you through various areas such as Binningen, Therwil, Battwil e Mariastein. The path will then turn towards the west to enter the French side of Switzerland.

Suddenly all villages' names sound different: Saint-Pierre, La Touillière, Charmoille. The last km of this path cross beautiful areas of the Canton Jura, especially pretty in spring and autumn. The path ends in Courtemautruy where, if you're too tired, you can catch a train home.

Stop by self storage Basel to pick up everything you need.
Spring is around the corner, you just have to choose the right path. 

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