Masks, lanterns, and musical instruments. In a self-storage store in Basel you will find everything you need to celebrate Carnival

Casaforte self storage in Basel has plenty of room for your dresses, masks and more

carnival basel - Casaforte

Finally Carnival is coming: the funniest of all traditions, the one that leaves us speechless with its lights, colours, music and dances. This year it will be easier to plan it with Casaforte Self Storage Basel.

Here’s a mini guide to what you shouldn’t be missing during the 3-day Carnival in Basel along with its self storage centre.


Groups start their march. So it all begins: the Drei scheenschte Dääg. At 4.00 am, on the Monday after Ash Wednesday when it’s still dark in Basel, Morgenstreich transforms the city in a stream of hand painted lanterns, where thousands of musicians lead the march with their melodies amongst the lanterns.

72 hours of celebrations and non stop dancing which come to an end on Thursday at 4.00 am with Endstraich. The whole city is awaiting for this event to welcome spring and salute winter. At Casaforte Self Storage Basel we’re also ready to say good bye to winter and open our arms to spring. Lanterns and music are hiding behind the doors of self storage.


You can’t miss Cortége: the traditional Carnival Parade taking place on Monday and Wednesday at 13.30.

The Clique represent the real soul of the Carnival. They parade around the city divided in different groups. Usually in the months leading up to Carnival a theme will be chosen, and the Cliquè will then be mocking this theme with their masks and costumes, lines and jokes written on their lanterns and cards which will be given to the public.

The best part starts at night when everyone moves from bar to bar, jokes about the past year, and sings the Schnitzelbänken, traditional dialect songs. The public takes part in all of this by asking for sweets, oranges and flowers and admiring the lanterns which will then be exposed at Münsterplatz.

If you don’t know where to keep your Carnival memories, come to our Casaforte self storage in Basel where there’s always room for entertainment and irony.


The protagonists of Tuesday night are the Guggenmusike: music bands which perform around the city during Carnival. After the religious function they will be moving towards Marktplatz and Barfüsserplatz, where they will play on stages in front of millions of people. Guggen have already been at our self storage in Basel to pick up their instruments.


Besides all these events, the Gassle represent the most improvised moment of the Carnival. When it’s all coming to an end, these musicinas go around the city following no particular route, they parade along the city centre with flutes and drums followed by the masked public.

Get ready to follow them.

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