Gardening companies making garden dreams come true. Many small businesses now specialising in private gardening

More and more solo garden designers offer gardening and maintenance services to private and corporate clients. Casaforte has a self-storage solution for these horticultural companies

Gardening companies making garden dreams come true Many small businesses now specialising in private gardening - Casaforte

Garden fairs have now been in trend for years, with visitors' numbers increasing yearly. Green: a place where you can let go of everyday life stress, relax and dream.

More and more people are leaving the city  to move to the countryside and fulfill their dream of owning a real home. Those who still wish to enjoy the benefits of city life keep turning their balconies and rooftops into green oases.

However - not everyone who loves green has a green thumb.

Hence why specialized garden designers and landscape gardeners are in demand: offering garden planning services and helping you create your own garden, giving tips on how to maintain a green balcony, and how to bring green roofs back to life by professionally taking care of them.

Gardening is strongly seasonal: ice and frost or prolonged rainfall are counterproductive for most gardening and yard work.

A garden design company will also need machinery and equipment - and space for when it's not being used. The possibility to have a self-storage in Basel, Bedano or Lugano represents the ideal way to store away machinery and garden decorations during the colder months.


Your wheelbarrow, rakes and chainsaws take a break in a rented garage box

Especially for horticultural business owners working with a small flexible team, it is not financially reasonable to invest in a shed or warehouse for a short period. Renting a storage room, on the other hand, offers every passionate professional gardener a convenient and affordable solution to store equipment over the winter.

Garages aren't the best solution as not all of them are frost-proof and flexible in size. Whereas a self-storage space at Casaforte is - and everything will finally find its place.

In a self-storage unit at Casaforte, centrally located in Basel, Lugano and Bedano, tools such as  tree saws, chainsaws, wheelbarrows, hand trucks, as well as shovels, spades, hoes, rakes, scarifiers, ladders, and plant troughs find its space, and will be handy when needed.

For fruit trees, plants and shrubs trimming or pruning, each gardener needs at least one ladder. Many garden owners also love their trees in a particular shape and will get the help of a horticulture company for a good cut.

When a tree has been hit by a storm, or is simply too old, ladders and safety climbing equipment are also needed.

During winter all this can be kept in your easily accessable storage room. As a gardener, you will have quick and easy access even in case of emergency - for example when your neighbours' cat just doesn't want to get off the tree.

If you have gardening tools to store away, Casaforte self-storage offers you suitable storage solutions in all sizes - all year round.

Storage for gardening tools will no longer be a problem for professionals, as our storage units are always available and come with your own access code and padlock. You can focus on your clients and the processing of orders without worrying about self storage. Machines can be rented on demand, you can buy garden plants such as shrubs, perennials, grasses and trees directly from the nursery without long detours to a far off warehouse, and all portable equipment and machines are kept clean and safe in your storage room.

This is how it works and how to make life easier.


Which garden tools and materials are suitable for self-storage?

At Casaforte Self-Storage you can store all gardening tools and machinery you need to bring your garden back to life:

  • mow lawn
  • hedge trimmer
  • turf rolls
  • sandbox and refillers
  • garden and flowerbeds fertilizer
  • water fountains
  • lawn scarifier
  • garden pesticides


Find the storage solution for your horticultural company on our homepage and let our self storage experts help you.

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