Are you looking for a warehouse for your exercise machines?

Here are 5 cheap gym equipment that you can easily keep in your temporary storage

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We live in a world painfully hectic, stressful life, days full of commitments.
That's why many of us don't give up a few hours of physical activity that allows to vent the frustrations of the job or simply spend some time with themselves.

Not everyone likes to go to the gym though. There are those who are content with daily exercises to do at home, but unfortunately not everybody have large spaces to accommodate gymnastic equipment after use. Here's another good reason to resort to Casaforte service.

If you are looking for a warehouse where store exercise bike, fit ball and piston rings, Casaforte is what suits you. All the space you need at your disposal to keep small and large tools. Here are some ultra-cheap and effective to help you find your perfect shape in no time at all.


Here are two tools that won’t let you suffer in finding space inside your self-storage warehouse for sure. They are simple, low cost and extremely useful for improving flexibility, muscle tone, breathing and energy levels, but most of all are practical tools that you can roll up and just put in a corner.


Unlike yoga mat and rope skipping, for these two tools you'll have to prepare ad hoc space. They are both very helpful to increase stability, balance and involve more muscles at the same time.

Fit ball is a large ball that is used primarily to improve posture and strengthen your ABS. The Ab Wheel is a wheel with a handlebar that allows you to operate more than 20 muscles at the same time.

Just what you need to be prepared for the dreaded swimsuit season.


If your goal is to train and achieve the best results for arms and shoulders, then we recommend you dumbbells and barbells. Thanks to targeted exercises, you will be able to gain muscle and train simultaneously biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest.

Practical for those with little time to spare, but mostly modular and easy to carry.

In our self-storage warehouses, you can even keep bulkier equipment like functional benches, treadmills, kettlebells and much more. Come and visit us at our stores in Lugano and Basel and get advice on the choice of space tailored to your needs.

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