Rent a self-storage depot to keep my hiking gear safe

Deposits Casaforte are ideal to store backpacks and boots. Here's the equipment that should never miss such a true lover of walks in the open air

Store equipment trekking - Casaforte

Running and walking outdoors: what better way to keep fit with the start of summer? Don't take these activities lightly, though. Walking is good, yes, but always with the right equipment that can help you not to grow weary too much and to better reach the chosen path, whether by a mountain, hill or plain.

And don't use the excuse of limited space where to store your gear. By now everyone knows that thanks to our rent deposit self-storage you can get all the space you need. You can avoid cluttering the basement with backpacks, clothing and walking boots and you will have no excuse to treat yourself to a nice little trip.

Let's see which equipment should never miss such a true walks lover in the open air and which you can keep in a Safe self-storage depot:

Let's start with shoes: the first rule for any hiker or fond of trekking is provide proper footwear in a sports store that is able to advise you and choose the right type of shoe depending on the chosen route.

Even the choice of clothing is not entirely trivial. You will need a spare shirt because along the way will often sweat, long pants (preferably waterproof) and windbreaker to guard against unexpected downpours.

Choose our self-storage service depot and ask our professionals the best suited stock size for storing all your equipment.

Other indispensable accessories for hiking are definitely: bottle (preferably metal or thermal), sunglasses, hat and sunscreen, should you be lucky enough to get a nice sunny day.

And let's not forget trekking poles. Are a must for any walk lover because they allow not to blame all the effort in the legs, but to distribute it even on your shoulder.

Whether you are planning a trip with your family or alone, we recommend to rent deposit Small (a warehouse from 1 to 5 sqm.) large enough to hold everything you need.

After a long hike the energies decline and it is always good practice to have a square of chocolate to be enjoyed to regain strength. 

It is necessary to clarify though: we promised you could keep anything in our stores, but in this case, we suggest you to keep home chocolate and food. Better not to take the risk and speeds up the deadline.

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