Office solutions: choose a storage space for rent

Mountains of documents flock to your office? Find a new storage space for rent at the Casaforte depot nearer you!

Rent storage space for the office - Casaforte

We work in the digital era and most of the practices that we perform every day passes through telematic archives. However, we are still far from sending permanently "retired" paper documents.

But how to store them without collapsing our offices? At the temporary storage of Lugano and Basel, Casaforte offers functional and safe box for rent. From small to large sizes, your storage space for rent will allow you to store folders, binders and all printed materials related to your business.


Small and medium-sized Swiss companies have already chosen Casaforte temporary deposits as storage space for rent for practices and documents of all kinds.

Invoices, certifications, but also projects, technical drawings, records and trade agreements will be placed in order, accessing the box at any time. The Casaforte archives for rent, exclusive use and protected by alarm systems at the cutting edge, offering practical and convenient support with rentals starting from 30 days.

Do not change the office! Choose your storage space for rent and ask for a free quote! 

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