Self storage in Basel. Christmas is in the air

Casaforte promotions never fail to amaze. In December your self storage is half price

Promo Christmas - Casaforte

Do you wish to know why our self storage in Basel is so in demand? The answer is simple: each object has a story worth being told. Like grandma's old chest: for so many years accumulating dust in the cellar whilst keeping family albums and life memories safe.

And what about Luigi's first red bike? It still has both small back wheels on it..actually no, just one. The other one went missing ages ago, but Luigi had already been given a new mountain bike. Despite this, even many years later, that red bike has been kept safe in our self storage in Basel. Luigi wishes to fix it up and one day give it to his son. 

Objects do hold our life memories: our joys and sorrows, losses and victories. Hence why it is worth keeping them safe by using Casaforte self storage service in Basel. 

With Christmas just around the corner, discover our incredible promotion! By renting a self storage space between December 1st and 31st for a minimum of 60 days, you'll receive a 50% discount on your 1st month of storage + 10 moving boxes for FREE.

At Christmas we're all kinder and, with such a promotion around, Luigi's first red bike will surely be safe for much longer. Just like grandma's photos, nicely packed into strong Casaforte moving boxes. Promotion valid for the whole month of December and cannot be combined with others.

Promotion valid in the branch in

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