My Space storage Lugano for the weirdest collections

Better not to leave your weird collections in the living room. Try Casaforte self storage

My space storage Lugano for weird collections - Casaforte

Some collect coins and stamps, others have some weird collections which would be better off stored away in a myspace storage Lugano. When collections go from simple hobby to real obsession, your living room is no longer gonna be the right place for storing them.

Why not giving them their own personal space with self storage? All you need is a space for rent in the size that suits you best. Here are 5 of the world's strangest collections which would be better off in storage.

Surf boards

You live in the city but feel like you belong to the beach with its waves and salty air? Do like Donald Dettloff who collected 647 surf boards to then use them as his garden fence.

Dolls collections

Some passions don't know age or gender. The Singaporian Jiang Yang is the world's biggest doll collector. His record collection definitely requires space, especially when there are nearly 9000 dolls involved.

A myspace storage Lugano will solve your issues.

'Do not disturb' signs

Some steal soap from the hotel, some take the shower cap with them. Then there's Rainer Wercher, he's been taking home over 11.000 'do not disturb' signs from hotels all over the world. A curious collection. Think how these signs would look in a box for rent!

Darth Vader Collection

Have you ever collected action figures and statues of your favourite eroes? You're a beginner. Bill McBride has been collecting anything related to Darth Vader from Star Wars for the past 20 years and now has over 60.000 items. Take example from him: look fo a my space storage Lugano.

Road cones collection

Perhaps you didn't know that David Morgan has been collecting road cones from all over the world for many years now. Bizzare collections such as this one can cause a divorce: you're better off leaving your living room as it is and storing your collection in a spacious and private storage space.

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