Millennials: who more than them needs to rent a Casaforte warehouse service?

They know how to juggle social networks and app but at the same time they’re really messy, that’s why they need a self-storage warehouse

Millennials - Casaforte

There is no doubt: Millennials juggle without problems everyday digital life. They govern the social network as a sovereign would govern an empire and know any type of app that can simplify the daily grind.

Nevertheless, between all generations they are considered the most messy and disorganized. More than anyone else they need to rent a self-storage warehouse. Are you one of them?

Find it out with this test: if you recognize yourself in one of these situations, then you definitely need a self-storage space.


Every morning it's the same story: you're late and have to run because you had to lose precious time looking for headphones. It seems that overnight headphones have a life of its own and do everything to make themselves unavailable the next morning.

But the truth is another. Maybe, if your room were not overrun with trinkets and clothing scattered everywhere, finding a pair of headphones on the bedside table would be easier.

You definitely need to rent a Casaforte warehouse. At bottom, getting rid of unnecessary items isn't much different from owning a smartphone equipped with the best applications. Either way, you'll save time, maximize your strengths and make your life easier.


It is useless to continue to buy new clothes to avoid the basket full of dirty clothes to wash. Sooner or later, t-shirts and jeans will invade any available surface, forcing you to move on the couch for the night.

Before being permanently ousted from your room, choose to rent a Casaforte warehouse. We don’t wash your laundry for you, but we can give you all the space you need to continue amassing clothes in a clean and dry room.


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A recent survey showed that Millennials have more difficulties in maintaining organized habits and environments than other generations as the Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

The 46% of Millennials said they will not be able to maintain order in the house after returning from vacation, while only 34% of Gen Xers and 36% of Boomers admitted rapid relapse to the disorder.

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