Looking to rent a storage room to regain some space?

No more overflowing basements and attics, thanks to Casaforte’s space-saving storage units

Rent a storage room to regain some space - Casaforte
  • Wide availability of units in Lugano and Basel
  • Clean, dry and secure premises for storing any type of item
  • Various packaging options to store small and large items

The amount of things that we accumulate over a lifetime is incredible.
We convince ourselves that everything is absolutely essential, until it starts to invade the attic, the cellar and the garage.

There are two solutions to this problem. You can pull up your sleeves and start over once and for all by doing some decluttering or you can go to Casaforte to reclaim some space.

The Casaforte self storage service is perfect for people who want to clear out basements and attics

If you do not want to make drastic decisions and be forced to get rid of your family heirlooms, rent a storage space.

Organize your objects completely independently and protect them with the wide range of packaging materials available at our centres. Access your storage unit whenever you need to, by using your personal Smart Card and do not worry about continuing to accumulate things. When you have filled up your self storage unit, you can rent a larger size and transfer your possessions with the help of our specialized staff.

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