Want to keep your excess wardrobe in our rented storage rooms?

Here is how you can prepare your clothing for perfect storage

Keep wardrobe in our rented storage rooms - Casaforte

There never seems to be enough space in the wardrobe.
You have to store clothes, jackets, bags and shoes for the whole family, but there is limited space.
For everyone who cannot resist the temptation of shopping, keeping chests of drawers and wardrobes in order becomes a real daily challenge.

Casaforte rented storage rooms are the ideal solution for reclaiming missing space.

However, before transferring your wardrobe to a self storage unit, ensure that they are carefully packed and protected so that they are stored in the best possible way.
Our Casaforte centres offer a wide range of packaging materials for storing delicate fabrics and accessories.

Need to store your clothes for a long time? Then you really need a clothing trunk. You can hang your clothes inside, giving them room to breathe, without the risk of ruining your favourite clothes.

Avoid using plastic cases or bags. Materials prone to tearing can lead to the development of mould on fabrics. It is better to choose suitable containers for vacuum preservation.

And we must not forget shoes. Every pair must be stored in the original cardboard box or in containers that protect them from dust and light. You can ask our employees in charge of special facilities where to store shoes, without them invading all your living space.

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