How to rent a self storage unit?

Concentration, an Internet connection and an organised spirit: the three key words to rent a self storage depot

How to rent a self storage unit - Casaforte

Those visiting our self storage centres for the first time in Lugano or Basel  generally really need space. There's the family that is renovating home and doesn't know where to keep their furniture, there's the young man that just moved to Switzerland looking for a new job. There's even grandma running out of space for the family photos she's been taking since 1943 because there are too many old boxes in the attic.

Everyone comes to Casaforte with a specific question: how to rent a self storage unit? 

And the answer (or answers) is nearly always the same: concentration, an Internet connection and an organised spirit.

Surely you'll be asking yourself why one would need concentration to rent a sef storage unit. When renting a storage unit for the first time one usually tends to under or over estimate the amount of space needed.

It's not always easy to choose a storage unit size. One needs to consider how much furniture has to be stored, how to store it within the unit and, especially, how much extra space one may wish to have. So try to concentrate: how much space do you really need?

If you can't come to an answer, our suggetion is to let our experts help you in the process.

Once you find out which storage size you need, you're going to need an internet connection to access and ask for a free quote. How? Fill out the giallo form on our homepage. Simply tell us your name, where you wish to store and the size.

What about those without an internet connection? No problem at all, come and visit us at our storage centre to book a storage unit.

Now what's left is the organisation spirit. Why would one need it to organise a self storage unit? The answer is simple. A self storage unit is a space at your complete disposal that Casaforte keeps clean and safe for you.

Still unsure on what to do? Find out more on how Casaforte Self Storage works and for any questions contact our self storage experts.

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