Great organisation skills means better sales. Clean, tidy and organised storage to store your items for sale at Casaforte

Find and rent a self storage space: it's quick and easy. Casaforte takes care of your storage problems whilst you run your business

Great organisation skills means better sales Clean tidy and organised storage to store your items for sale at Casaforte - Casaforte

Finding the right space takes time and energy. Let us find the best storage at one of our storage facilities whilst you focus on your business.

Casaforte offers storage at three storage facilities in Switzerland. Different sizes, individual rooms, yours for as long as you need them. Personal access with your own badge. Storage for your online shop, selling flea market items or space for a start-up. Anything can be stored at Casaforte self storage.

The advantage is real: no more long-term contracts, you keep your space for as long as you wish. Depending on the season and purchasing conditions, you sometimes need more, sometimes less self storage. We offer you exactly this flexibility.


Expecting a larger order or frequent goods delivery at short-term notice from your supplier?

We offer self storage from as little as 1 sqm till 100 sqm.

As a Ricardo seller, online shop or start-up owner, you may want to begin small and get bigger over time.

Self storage can be rented at short notice and cancelled with just 5 days notice. The space you need, just for the time you need it.

Especially when you're starting a business, it's essential to keep costs to the minimum. Why rent more self storage than what you need?

Our storage facilities are easily accessible by car and van. Trolleys and lifts are available to move your goods around.

Thanks to good ventilation, storing almost any type of product or material is safe and easy. You just can't store food, plants and animals - that goes without saying.


Need storage immediately? Self storage at Casaforte is quick and easy

Stay flexible and get the most out of your business - trust Casaforte when it comes to storage.

Fill out the form or call us and  get started with storing your goods. Casaforte's storage facilities are one of the leading Swiss self storage service providers. Available in many sizes, our storage solutions help many Swiss with their business.


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