No more cold garages and full attics - get yourself some real self storage. Rent a safe, bright and clean room - forget about space problems

Self-storage: a convenient solution to your messy garage

No more cold garages and full attics get yourself some real self storage Rent a safe bright and clean room forget about space problems - Casaforte

Our self storage Casaforte in Basel, Bedano and Lugano are centrally located, easy and convenient to reach.

Self-storage was born in the US as many apartments and houses often have no basement, and people move more often than in Europe. That's where the idea of renting rooms came from. Basically it's not so different from what our grandpas used to do with basements or dads do with attics and garages. Self-storage is just cleaner and more accessible.

Store your goods for an unlimited period of time. Casaforte offers storage units in many sizes and makes storage easy and flexible. Say goodbye to dusty basements and full garages.


After many centres in Italy, Casaforte now has individually locked storage spaces at three locations in Switzerland. A modern alternative to your garage and basement.

The items usually ending up in your garage or basement include furniture and things of all kinds: beds, chairs, garden furniture, barbecue, mattresses, cribs, car tires, old record collections, books, clothing, children's toys, and much more.

No matter what is to be stored, our storage rooms at Casaforte Switzerland can be both large and spacious, or small enough for a few moving boxes. The rental period is variable: you stay as long as you wish. Memorabilia can be stored for a long time whereas clothing, bedlinen, and sport equipments can be stored for a short time.

  • Outside office hours, Casaforte has ladders and trolleys available for use. We also offer a free postal address and a pick up/drop off service.
  • The storage rooms we rent start from 4, - CHF / day.
  • With a notice period of only five days, we are very flexible.


Self-storage at Casaforte - change of residence or lack of storage space?

Forget about dark, damp garages or cellars, and steep stairs without lighting.

Call us today or email us - we'll be happy to advise you on how much storage space you need and tailor a solution for you. If you need more or less storage space in two months, no problem: we are as flexible as your needs are.


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