Documents require a tidy and clean space. Easy and convenient solutions with our storage rooms for rent

Many hand written or printed business documents are important, confidential, and often need to be stored for several years. Even personal files and documents that you want to keep may take up unnecessarily space at home.

Documents require a tidy and clean space Easy and convenient solutions with our storage rooms for rent - Casaforte

Store your files, documents, registers, and papers in a safe and secure storage facility run by Casaforte, self storage experts in Switzerland.

In times of increasing mobility and increased home-office, the classic image of offices, work rooms and company has changed. At home we love modern design furniture and said goodbye to chunky cabinets filled with folders or old collections. That's why a safe and secure storage room for documents, business papers and private documents is a great solution.

If your office or study is full of files and folders, rent a temporary space for file archiving: itt's an affordable solution.

Make more space on your desk and shelves, Casaforte has the perfect solution to keep files and documents somewhere safe, flexible and cost-effective.

Even when it comes to your personal documents, and keeping them at home isn't safe, Casaforte will find space for them at its locations in Bedano, Lugano, Basel and near Zurich and give you a suitable storage for rent.

At our self-storage facilities you have daily access from 7: 00-22:00. Each storage is equipped with a ventilation system, our self-storage facilities are video-monitored and have an alarm system.

Trolleys, ladders and moving boxes are available for easy loading and unloading. A storage unit for private and commercial files can be rented at short notice. Call us, ask for promotions and our daily rate. Your files and records will be stored in a safe, dry and space-efficient location within a few days in a self-storage facility at Casaforte.

Order in the archive - storing your files in a self-storage facility will be easy and manageable

  • When documents have to be retrieved, it is important that they are neither moldy nor glued or ruined in any way.
  • At Casaforte, records are kept in good condition thanks to our ventilated rooms.


Document storage made easy in a storage room at Casaforte

  • Gain more space and flexibility by storing your files in one of our storage rooms
  • Choose between short-term filing or long-term
  • Quickly find the files you need at any time

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