Do you need space for your events equipment and technology? At Casaforte you'll find exactly what you need!

The open-air season is here and your unit is overflowing with concerts equipment - what are you going to do?

Do you need space for your events equipment and technology At Casaforte youll find exactly what you need - Casaforte

The open-air season is here and your unit is overflowing with concerts equipment - what are you going to do?

The hot season for event technicians begins in summer with open-air events has to be planned and prepared, and the right gear:

  • lighting systems
  • sound engineering
  • stage technology
  • video technology
  • DJ sets
  • interpreting technology
  • catering supplies
  • equipment and tools

Everything has to be checked, maintained, replaced and topped up to be ready for the coming concerts, weddings, major events, celebrations, outdoor and indoor plans. Your unit is already full of old and new equipment, machines, materials and gear, which will be needed in the near future - but only shortly...

So, how could you organise to store all this expensive technical equipment?

Rent a storage unit. Is that actually possible?

Of course you can! Casaforte in Zurich, Lugano and Basel already counts many successful event organisers among its satisfied customers. They rent an extra storage space for particularly sensitive technical equipment which should be handled with care. In our clean, dry and 24/7-monitored storage units we already have:

  • catering supplies such as tables, chairs, parasols, tents, pavilions, party and beer tent sets, refrigerators, heaters, fans, counters and cloakrooms
  • lighting technology: spotlights, projectors, dimmers, fog machines, moving heads and profilers, cables, adapters, tripods and suspensions
  • stage technology such as stage sets and platforms, barriers and grids
  • sound technology: DJ speakers and loudspeakers, DJ sets and mixers, sound reinforcement systems and PA systems, power amplifiers, backlines, ampracks and microphones
  • video technology: screens, beamers and lenses, TV sets, screens and LED walls, notebooks, video mixers and signal distributors
  • equipment and tools: ladders, hand trucks, pallet trucks, generators, cables, fire extinguishers and radios.
  • artificial Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations
  • window decorations: New Year's Eve, Carnival, Halloween and Advent
  • wreaths, garlands, table decorations, figures and objects
  • lighting, candles, lettering
  • seasonal gifts and promotional items
  • promotional goods, gift articles, billboards and posters
  • packaging materials, textiles and toys


How safe is concert and event equipment in a storage unit at Casaforte in Lugano, Basel and Zurich?

Since we know how valuable your professional concert and event equipment and high-quality event technology are, we always play it safe with 24/7 security, including Securitas serivce, alarm system, fire alarm system and video surveillance. Your storage units are of course equipped with their own lock and can only be accessed by you daily from 07.00 to 22.00.

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