Discovering Switzerland's top 5 most beautiful lakes with Casaforte self storage

Spring: the perfect moment to discover the surrounding beauty and use what you've kept in storage during winter

Discovering Switzerlands most beautiful lakes with self storage - Casaforte

It's time to get out of the house,do some sport, and relax. There's no better place than Switzerland to do this: known for its natural beauties and wonderful spring.

Finally you can use your kayak, bike and shorts. Get it all out of Casaforte self storage where they've been trapped all winter. If you love sport, nature and breath-taking landscape, then you have to read this guide on Switzerland's most beautiful lakes.

Are you ready to start the journey?


Located in the Canton of Vallis and renamed 'Little Canada' for its crystal clear water, this is a must-see lake for all families, hikers and those looking for a relaxing weekend.


In the area around Fribourg, one of swimmers' favourite lakes is Schwarzsee. Also loved by those practising SUP or looking for a fishing spot. It's called 'black lake' because, depending on the light, it can look quite dark and deep.



In the northern part of the Canton of Bern, you'll find one of the prettiest Swiss lakes. It just looks so postcard perfect. Stop here for a rest, take a photo or go for a walk.

If you don't know where to store all your photos, then Casaforte can help.


Also located in the Canton of Vallis is Leisee, one of the stops of the 5 lake classic Tour: a 9km hike through beautiful landscapes from Blauherd to Sunnegga.


A dreamy lake in the Engadin region, especially loved by wildlife photographers and nature lovers for its perfect harmony between colours and shapes.

Start planning your trip and don't forget to leave everything you don't need to take with you at Casaforte self storage.

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