A self storage depot against bad luck

There's room for everything in your self storage depot : near and dear objects, as well as those we can't stand, and the unlucky ones

A self storage depot against bad luck - Casaforte

It's easy to be possessed by fantasies in life, even by obscure and weird ones. The more superstitious believe that certain objects, animals and situations bring bad luck. Some are convinced that certain things are haunted by a spirit from the past, ready to affect the unlucky owners. Is it true though?

Here are some objects that should have been locked (and forgotten) into a self storage depot:



The iconic Porsche Spyder 550 on which James Dean died in 1955 has been subject to many misfortunes, hence why it's considered haunted. After all, when you name your car 'Little bastard' you should expect that it will gets its revenge sooner or later.

However the curse doesn't seem to have stopped with the actor's death. In fact, according to the legend, after the car had been bought by George Barris after the accident and, whilst it was being transported by a truck, it unhooked from the supports and broke the mechanic's leg. A few years later, pieces of the Little Bastard were mounted on a doctor's and a pilot's race cars: both were involved in very severe accidents. 

Truth or urban legend? Who knows. When in doubt, if you happened to see a piece of that infamous Porsche, bring it to a Casaforte self storage depot, lock it up. Then throw the key away.



Not only  pieces of luxurious cars. In a self storage depot in Switzerland one may also find jewelry. Have you ever heard of the mysterious 'Occhio di tigre' by Rodolfo Valentino? We're talking about the the beautiful ring that Valentino, famous Italian actor, always wore on his finger.

The legend tells that, after showing the ring to a friend, the latter had a vision of Valentino looking pale and dying. In the later years Valentino had a few career failures and then sadly passed away.

His lover, Pola Negri, was also victim of a series of misfortunes after wearing the ring. Russ Colombo, the actor that was chosen to play the part of Valentino in the movie dedicated to the famous actor's life, also wore the ring and then died in a hunting accident.



Surely it's happened many times to keep frames and paintings in your self storage depot. The infamous painting of the Crying Child would have deserved a self storage depot of its own though and an extra secure locking system. The legend says that after a big fire in 1985, a Yorkshire fireman found many undamaged copies of that painting in the rubble. These copies had then been bought by different families in the local area. However in the later months many of the houses where these copies were kept were subject to mysterious fires.

A curse or perhaps incorrect use of fireproof paint? We let you choose the answer. At Casaforte we say let's lock bad luck into a self storage depot.

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