Self Storage Lugano: make room for the family newborn in your home

Here are a few tips to make your house and self storage unit ready for the newborn

Make room in your home for the newborn - Casaforte

Benjamin Franklin said: 'in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.'

At Casaforte Self Storage we believe in a 3rd certainty: the born of a baby, which can drastically reduce the space inside a house.

After all we know that no matter how small a baby is, it does demand a big amount of space for all its things: toys, changing table, cleaning productsand more. Here's how to get ready with a self storage depot in Lugano.


First of all one needs to transform a room inside the house into a 'baby room':whether it's a bedroom, an office or a guest room. A space entirely dedicated to keeping what your little naughty one needs: diapers, wipes, bibs, baby food, clothes, extra toys etc.

Our tip? Best to get rid of any old furniture, beds, boxes and shelves that aren't particularly kid friendly. For example: glass coffee table with pointy corners, as well as frames and small objects which may represent a hazard for your little one.

Until your baby grows up and becomes aware of danger, it's best to let go of all of these.


Another big certainty is that once your baby is born, parents and relatives will be giving you all sorts of baby presents: clothes, toys, food and bathing accessories and so on. All of these will eventually become too much.

Not even if you had a baby soccer team you'd be able to make use of it. Instead of letting it accumulate in your living room, garage or another corner of your house, bring it all to your depot in Lugano.

Who knows, one day you may be needing it for the little brother.

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