A cost-saving, flexible storage solution for tradesmen, craftsmen and property managers

Tradesmen and small business owners, as well as property managers, have a variety of small and big jobs to carry out all year round. They look after each and every maintenance job, and we have the perfect storage solution for all of them in Basel, Bedano and Lugano: at Casaforte.

A costsaving flexible storage solution for tradesmen craftsmen and property managers - Casaforte

The heating stopped working, the drain is clogged, pests have invaded your home, the lawn needs to be mowed or the bathroom tiles should be re-laid. Your house is going to need some small repairs every now and then. Hence why owners and landlords appreciate the wide range of craftsmen and facility managers. Professional and specialized housekeeping services often take care of both small and large technical and constructional repairs, as well as general maintenance.


Casaforte Self Storage offers every tradesman the right storage solution. Fast, easy, no fixed contract: your short or long term storage solution.

An independent craftsman may own a paint shop, be a plasterer, an installer, a tiler, electrician, heating engineer, home&garden allround repairer, facility manager or gardener. All of them need space and usually rent a storage unit.

 At Casaforte Switzerland goods, equipment and work materials can be easily and flexibly stored in a safe and clean space. Independent craftsmen such as installers, gardeners, painters and maintenance companies use storage for tools and work clothes. Casaforte offers lockable, monitored and 7/7 accessible spaces, from 7 am till 10 pm. Is your business growing? Consider storage as a good saving option.

If your order situation is out of control and you want to store less/more depending on how sales go, no problem: you can always rent a smaller/bigger space at Casaforte.


Self-storage made easy - work becomes (almost) a pleasure.

Whether you need a storage space for a few days, or plan on opening your new business this year, we're always available for advice by phone, mail or live chat on our homepage.


Call us now for a free quote - save time and money with a clever storage solution.


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