Storage boxes, hooks, equipped wall: 3 accessories you can't do without

Learn how to keep sorted your self-storage space using the right accessories to never be short of space

Storage fortress - Casaforte

It's time to do some tidiness. Your room is filled up with objects become genuine antiques. Essentially, you can choose between bundle everything to find adequate accommodation or searching for a new accommodation.
But how to keep on top of it all to be safe and easily accessible?
Small tricks and simple equipment can help you:


Let's start with the basics. "Bundling" is an art and as such must be done carefully to keep your objects intact within each box they are stored.

  • It doesn’t matter if they are made of cardboard or plastic, what matters is that storage boxes are pretty durable, clean and possibly of the same size. In this way, you can easily stack them vertically and occupy minimum space within your store.

  • Remember to wrap your items, especially the most delicate, in sheets of newsprint or bubble wrap in order to protect them even during transport.

  • Smaller objects should be placed in suitable containers and placed in drawers or boxes labeled properly.


Inside a self-storage warehouse all space can be used, even walls. How? Simply using hooks. Not all objects can be locked inside storage boxes. Some must be hung. An example? There we are: guitars, kitchen equipment and pans, trunk bags, Hobo and Tote.


The order within your warehouse is never enough, especially if you decide to organize your document archives.

In this case, replace the storage boxes with special folders and request equipped walls to hung everything. Use less space, keep all your documents and with an effective system of labelling and classification, you can find them in a blink of an eye.

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