Storing bikes in a self storage Casaforte - the best solution if you need practical and convenient extra space

The most recent statistics on bikes in Switzerland are rather interesting and curious, for example they reveal how many people buy bikes. On the other hand, we'll unveil where all these bikes can be kept.

Storing bikes in a self storage Casaforte the best solution if you need practical and convenient extra space - Casaforte

Bikes have become a fundamental means of transportation as well as a sport passion for the Swiss. In the most recent years, bike sales have reached 320.000, and in 2017 just little under 340.000.

The most popular bikes remains road bikes, in fact nearly half of the sales are road bikes, followed by city bikes and e-bikes. E-bike sales are constantly growing: in 2017 nearly 88.000 Swiss bought an e-bike.


Bikes - an alternative way of getting around. Finding your favourite bike storage is no longer an issue with Casaforte Self Storage

For many of us, bikes are just indispensable: we use them to get to work in the morning, for a ride along the Rhine and for a stroll somewhere in the countryside. Going by mountain bike or road bike on the weekend is also a great way to keep fit.

City bikes are super trendy and pretty. Some have a front and rear basket to carry large items so you don't have to drive a car - and find parking. A coffee roasting factory in Basel has recently announced that they'll be delivering their orders by bike. A genius idea - which will surely soon see more businesses involved.

In the last 10 years, the yearly amount of kilometers rode on a bike by the Swiss has come to 2,48 billion (2016). For our country, predominantly mountainous, this is a huge number. It's a very positive trend to use bikes more oftern, also considering they lower the exhaust and acoustic emissions. So, we can officially say that bikes are part of family and everyday life in Switzerland.


The sun doesn't shine all year long though: with a small space Casaforte in Basel, Bedano or Lugano, you'll be able to arrange your bikes and pick up the one you need when you need it.

Despite the pleasure of riding, bikes also require maintenance and need to be stored properly. Repairs are part of the deal. The more bikes you have, the more fun you'll have in choosing - and riding - the right one for each occasion. What happens when you're eager enough to buy many bikes, but don't really have enough space to store them, and winter comes and you won't be using your race bike or mountain bike?


There's an easy and flexible solution: rent a space for your bikes at Casaforte

You choose the size: for one or two bikes, extra wheels, bike tools, bike trailer or for the whole bike collection of your delivery service company. Rooms can be rented and cancelled with short notice. All solutions are clean, dry (very important), safe and accessible all year long.

Bikes can be neatly and easily arranged. Therefore going by bike becomes an accessible passion for many, even if you don't have a cellar or garage or simply if you fear it will get stolen in the communal areas.


Bike repair service, repair workshop service - all possible by renting a bike storage space at Casaforte Basel

Those who travel often also need to repair their bikes often - many bike lovers which own bikes and use them can't avoid repairs and check ups. Repairs are necessary and we're not all so handy to be able to change a wheel in a sec.

A pointy object is all it takes to put a hole in your tyre, whilst other bikes are often under sunshine and rain, which causes rust. For all this though, there are small and large bike repair centres which will help you keep riding.

Do you have a small workshop or perhaps you simply enjoy fixing friends' bikes when their brakes need some love?

Are you a bike lover and you go on the look for old bikes to fix them up?

Do you have space issues and don't know where to safely store your bikes at a reasonable price?

For all of this, a self storage is a genius solution. With a bike storage you'll be free from paying steep rent for a bike rental shop. It's also possible to use your storage as spair parts room with shelving.


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