The best place to store camping gear out of the way: tents, sleeping bags and camping stoves in a storage box

Are you tired of stumbling over your camping gear? Make room at home: store your tent and camping furniture in storage.

The best place to store camping gear out of the way tents sleeping bags and camping stoves in a storage box - Casaforte

Camping is great. It gives outdoor enthusiasts flexibility on holidays and weekends away for hiking, climbing, surfing and fishing, mountain tours and family fun. To spend a cozy night camping under the stars, you need good equipment though. Not just a sleeping bag and a tiny tent. Especially pro campers and outdoor lovers, with awesome camping gear accumulated over the years..- what do you think they do with all the equipment when the camping season is over?

To ensure that your home is free from tents, sleeping bags and mats from October till April, store it all in a secure storage ready to be rented.

Rent a convenient storage space for your camping equipment: a great idea!

Especially for those living in small apartments with limited storage space, renting a temporary storage is a great idea for bulky camping gear during the winter months. The advantage is real: large and small items are clean, dry and neatly stored, which means, you'll have more room at home. No messy corridors. Careful though because cheap solutions, such as a local cellar, are often not the ideal. Think humidity, dust, no security or CCTV camera. No one wants any unexpected surprises.

In a modern and clean storage space for rent sleeping bags and tents will survive the winter undamaged. The same goes for mattresses, bags, backpacks, clothing, camping kitchenware. It can all be safely stored and protected from dust or dirt. No surprises.


Camping gear: care, repair and maintenance. Make it easy with a storage box at Casaforte Basel, Zurich or Lugano.

  • In summer you rarely have time to really take care about repairing any of your camping gear, right? You are always out and about, too busy usinig it. Removing stains, patching small holes and repairing wobbly hinges? Let's procrastinate. What's good to know is that you can then bring everything here, and do your repairs in a storage space. It's very easy at Casaforte in Zurich, Lugano or Basel: get here quickly, park for free and have access to your belongings from 7 am till 10 pm every day of the year for repairs, maintenance or similar work outside of camping season. What can you store:
  • mats: air mattresses, air beds, sport and beach mats, mat bags
  • travel bags and duffle bags, trolleys, packing bags
  • backpacks: daypacks, hiking and trekking backpacks, baby carriers
  • tents: 1-3 person tents, igloo tents, tunnel tents, dome tents and tent accessories
  • camping kitchen: camping stove, camping crockery, camping cutlery
  • camping furniture: camping chairs, camping tables, camping boxes, hammocks
  • lighting: headlamps, camping lamps, flashlights
  • equipment: tools and knives, navigation equipment, watches, transformers, cables and cable drums, adapters, power banks
  • clothing: trekking shoes and hiking boots, trekking trousers, jackets, pullovers


Casaforte: your space partner in Lugano, Zurich and Basel to store your camping gear in a modern and secure storage centre.

You will quickly notice that customer service means a lot at Casaforte. This isn't just about ensuring that our storage centres in Zurich, Lugano and Basel have clean, dry and safe storage space for rent at all times, but also that you can feel at home with us. This is why we offer you maximum flexibility, security and on going discounts:

  • parking spaces on site and loading ramp for easy loading and unloading
  • daily access to your storage box with badge from 07.00 am to 10.00 pm
  • single unit alarm system and 24/7 security cameras
  • storage area sizes from 1 to 100 square metres
  • Cheap rentals possible from as little as CHF 4.00/day
  • Units immediately available
  • No minimum rental periods and short notice periods


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